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Have You Or A Family Member Ever...

Needed a Will Prepared?

Received a Traffic Ticket?

Needed Assistance With A Lawsuit?

Needed Help With A Divorce?

Needed IRS Audit Assistance?

Needed A Contract Reviewed?

Needed Help Because of Unfair Treatment?



Have You Ever...

Bought/Sold a Home?

Had a Baby?

Gotten Married?

Bought a Vehicle?

Had a Teenage Driver in the Home?

Had a Dispute with a Retailer?


LegalShield offers low cost legal service plans which provide access to a nationwide network of quality attorneys.

I have personally used LegalShield many times and gotten satisfaction through money savings and favorable



Have you ever...



If you can answer YES to two or more of the following questions, you can benefit from a


LegalShield Family Plan and/or Identity Theft Shield plan!


  • Thought about writing or revising your Will?


  • Purchased a home?


  • Tried to return a defective product?


  • Been involved in a property dispute?


  • Received a moving traffic violation?


  • Been named in or feared being named in a civil lawsuit?


  • Had an issue with child support or visitation rights?


  • Signed a legally binding document?


  • Needed advice on a credit matter?


  • Worried about being or been audited by the IRS?


  • Signed a lease?


  • Purchased a new or used vehicle?


  • Been overcharged for a repair?


  • Been questioned, detained, or arrested?


  • Wanted to call an attorney and didn’t know who to call?


  • Handed your credit card to a restaurant waitress or waiter?


  • Given your credit card number on the internet?


LegalShield, is a leading provider of legal service plans in the United States and parts of Canada. Plans offered through

LegalShield begin at the low cost of $15.95 per month.


Add the


Identity Theft Shield Plan

to your LegalShield plan for just $9.95 per month or

purchase the



Identity Theft Shield Plan

alone for just $12.95 per month.


Here is a detailed description of the identity theft prevention plan.


 What does the legal plan cover?



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