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Safety Tips



  • Shred all PII(personally identifiable information) you are disposing

  • Collect mail often

  • Send mail through locked boxes

  • Keep all PII in safe and secure location

  • Only keep PII you actually need with you

  • Never give PII out over the phone when you have not initiated the call

  • Check credit reports well for unknown information



  • Do not give SSN to potential employers until they are ready to hire you

  • Research any potential employer and ask questions(check their online policy)

  • Never give SSN to anyone unless necessary

  • Governmental agencies will not ask for PII by phone or email

  • Don't list full address or birthday on social networks(monitor kids' sites)

  • Use sentence long passwords with symbols(use different passwords)

  • Be careful with syncing electronic devices with PII

  • Install good firewalls on computers and other electronic devices

  • Don't open emails when you don't recognize the sender



  • Only carry the PII you actually need for the trip

  • Make copies of both sides of any PII you do carry and keep in safe place

  • Be sure electronic devices have strong passwords(sentence long) and firewalls

  • Do not use Wi Fi hotspots; use WAP instead

  • Put a hold on all mailings

  • Don't leave sensitive information in rental cars or hotel rooms

  • Do not announce travel plans on social networks

  • Quickly delete any references to your plans by family and friends


All these practices help, but nothing you do can absolutely prevent identity theft from happening to you. However, LegalShield through the services of Kroll, Inc. can guarantee that they restore your identity should you become a victim of any type of identity theft. For more information call 919-302-8849.

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